As a team, we at Matrix/MVCC, strive to be the leading technology partner, system integrator and supplier in Western Canada of broadcast and audiovisual equipment.


leading technology partner In Western Canada




2. installation

Once you've decided which technological marvels are right for your job, Matrix/MVCC offers complete consultation on the installation. Our staff will be on site to install, train, setup, and troubleshoot your systems - just say the word!


1. system design

From concept design to programming, from a relatively simple product installation in meeting or classrooms to a complete design and build solution, such as a new building involving central control.



We know how important it is to see your equipment at work before you buy! That is why we have in-house demo specialists that show you the equipment inside and out, to ensure that you are making the right choice for your application. Our employees bring a wealth of expertise and experience with the latest technology and we always work within your scope and budget.





Welcome to the team!

Matrix is happy  to welcome two new members to our family! We are so glad to have you, Rene and Ryan!


StarLeaf Breaks Through to Lead the Way with a FREE Skype Meeting Interop Service

StarLeaf has announced a range of services that allow traditional video meeting room systems to join a scheduled Skype for Business Meeting. StarLeaf is the first to market with a solution that ranges from a free connectivity service – StarLeaf Medley – through to full integration services.

Many universities set aside a

room or two for teacher development; the University of Calgary has dedicated an entire two-story, 40,000-foot building to this crucial purpose.


University of Calgary Transforms Teaching with Renkus-Heinz VARIAi



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