St. GeorGE's

When St. George’s approached MVCC with the desire to add digital signage to their recently-purchased touch-screens, our team met to evaluate our offerings in order to put forth the best solution for their needs.
One major deciding factor was the need to incorporate feeds and calendars which were already being populated on their website. This allowed for the data being shown on the screens to be dynamically updated, without causing any more work for the marketing and IT departments. We also factored in the desired complexity of the touch screens, and immediately turned to our Spinetix digital signage solution. We have had great success incorporating both dynamic data and touch in many projects in Western Canada and are well-versed in the extensive Spinetix library.
In the end, we took their vision and created a dynamic screen with over 40 touch events. The screens feature high definition graphics, a interactive carousel of images, dynamic events calendar, and tickers.