System Design

Matrix/MVCC System Design covers all aspects of audio visual installation, from concept design to programming, from a relatively simple product installation in meeting or classrooms to a complete design and build solution, such as a new building involving central control.

We have full in-house design capabilities including the ability to produce drawings in CAD or Visio. Our design expertise includes:


Boardrooms          Auditoriums and lecture theatres          Training rooms          Meeting rooms

Videoconference rooms          Retail environments          Command & control rooms       Sports Venues



Once you've decided which technological marvels are right for your job, Matrix/MVCC offers complete consultation on the installation. Our staff will be on site to install, train, setup, and troubleshoot your systems - just say the word!

How complete is our installation expertise? We have an experienced team that has worked on everything from small boardrooms to full-sized theatres and everything in-between! We have in-house certified Crestron programmers, as well as certifications on Biamp, Polycom and Sony. We continue to train our specialists on new products as they come into our ever-changing marketplace!

It's simple: if people want their equipment to be installed properly and run seamlessly, they come to Matrix/MVCC!


Support & Training


We know how important it is to see your equipment at work before you buy! That is why we have in-house demo specialists that show you the equipment inside and out, to ensure that you are making the right choice for your application. Our employees bring a wealth of expertise and experience with the latest technology and we always work within your scope and budget.

We have experts in all areas of the equipment we provide. Certain employees are absolute geniuses in the areas of broadcast and industrial video, while others know everything about the software side, such as non-linear editing. We also have noted specialists in boardroom equipment - including everything from projectors to video conferencing.

You get the advantage of their expertise right from the beginning of your relationship with Matrix, because they will be there to help you understand the features, benefits, and indeed the "big picture potential" of the equipment in which you are interested. They do not just help demo the stuff, they bring the technology alive for you, so you know right from the start what it can do for you and how it can fit into your "big picture"!


If you need to get familiar with your equipment, or just want a refresher course to learn the latest advances in technology; book a time with one of our experts so that they can show you the ropes! Whether you are looking for a one-on-one session about digital editing or have a large group looking to learn about video conferencing, we have the team to train!


Maintenance & Repair

Matrix' Service Department keeps your equipment at spec for as long as you have it. Whether it's regular preventative maintenance, scheduled service, or warranty (and extended warranty) work, we can keep your equipment humming along so your work doesn't grind to a halt.
Not only that, but our operation is as state-of-the-art as the equipment we supply - so we have a complete database of all the technology that passes through our doors, giving you a full history of your equipment that you can reference whenever you need it.
Our service technologists have more than 45 years experience between them - and not just the nuts and bolts; they've been involved in the actual "working" side, too. This means they understand that all-important "big picture" how the technology evolved, where it is today, and where it's headed tomorrow. So they not only know your equipment inside and out - they know how it should perform in the real world in which you use it.

Meet the team