Audio Visual

Multimedia and presentations are now a part of everyday business; helping us to communicate, present and train. A complete and integrated audio visual system can be a significant investment and will play a significant role in day-to-day operations. Once the decision is made to add communications tools to your business, the experts at Matrix are there for you every step of the way. From consultation and design, to installation and integration, we make sure that the equipment is working for you, and that you don't have to work hard to use the equipment!
We have designed and installed complete systems for :
Corporate Boardrooms      Classrooms       Theatres       Auditoriums         Live Event Broadcasting
Sports Venues       Training Facilities       Museums       Houses of Worship      Executive Office Spaces

Our Manufacturers

Digital Signage

Digital signage is emerging rapidly in today’s market. Offering a superior return on investment compared to traditional printed signs, the dynamic media delivered by digital signage is proven to be ten times more likely to attract and hold the attention of your potential customers.
Our systems are designed to help you respond to your marketplace, whether you are in the retail or hospitality industries, or delivering your corporate message.



In business, clarity is crucial; this is why we offer wide range of displays and projectors from the leading manufacturers in the industry! Ideal for almost any application including corporate and education, our display lineup includes cost-effective all-in-one displays, highly durable ruggedized models and stylish, thin-bezel designs. Our projector range begins with affordable, entry-level projectors, - perfect for small to mid-size classrooms and meeting rooms- and goes to the top of the line workhorse projectors that deliver bright, high quality images ideal for larger auditoriums and theatres, and everything in between!


SD, HDV, HD, HDTV, XDCAM HD! The broadcast market is ever-changing, and the folks at Matrix continue to stay ahead of the game. Offering the latest in broadcast and production technology, we have everything you need to capture and create the production you desire. From Handycam camcorders to professional high-definition cameras; for corporate videos to feature films; we have worked with them all!
And it doesn't stop there. We carry every accessory that you could need, making us a true one-stop shop. Tripods, lighting kits, filters, lenses, batteries - you name it, we have it. So come on in and let our experts work for you!

Our Manufacturers

Cameras & Production Equipment

For broadcast and production applications, Matrix/MVCC offers a comprehensive range of standard and high definition equipment from the industry-leading manufacturers.
As a Sony Professional Authorized Reseller we offer the latest and greatest in cameras, camcorders, recorders, production switchers and routers. Beyond that we carrying a vast line of advanced broadcast and production equipment with in-house experts trained and certified to help you in any way we can!

Digital Editing

Matrix Video Communications Corp. is a Gold Premier Reseller of Avid Technology products. Avid is recognized as a leader in the editing world; used in many feature films and highly regarded by industry professionals in film, video, audio, and animation. Avid's products are used to create everything from major motion pictures and television shows, to commercials and corporate videos. Avid products are used to Make, Manage and Move Media. This means that they provide solutions to share, store, search and distribute media.
Matrix's in-house specialists have extensive training in Avid workflow solutions. Sessions can be held at our facility for individuals or groups to learn the software or to become more efficient with your existing equipment!

tape & MEdia

At Matrix, we handle all of your consumable video needs; from recordable media to blank packaging - from beginning to end!
We understand that the demands and expectations for recording media are high; after all without the media, you have nothing to show! We go the extra mile for our customers to make sure that you have what you need, when and where you need it!


Always here to help!

Unified communication

Unified Communications is a growing trend in business today. Conversations, meetings and presentations are ‘face-to-face’ regardless of distance. Communication is borderless, delivering a tangible increase in productivity, an investment that will pay for itself many times over!
UC is a solution that integrates the devices that a person is using and allows them to seamlessly work together in real-time. What we at Matrix/MVCC are providing to businesses today is the integrated technology behind UC. UC is about communication, not technology and devices. UC simplifies the way in which we communicate. UC is less dependent on any specific device and more focused on the people that use the device. UC is moving towards a future where people will have a single identify across all communication devices and applications. This is a future where we won’t be giving a second thought as to how to contact a person, we simply make the connection to the person – the device used for that connection is irrelevant!
UC can empower users by giving them complete control over why, when, and where they choose to communicate and with whom. UC can also seamlessly manage media and communication modes. For instance, you begin a conversation on your mobile phone, which segues to a video call at your desktop, which you then transfer to a boardroom for a multi party video conference.
At Matrix/MVCC we provide the unified communications SOLUTIONS to increase collaboration and efficiency. We bring over a decade of experience in the telepresence/videoconferencing and content delivery and management worlds! We hold certifications in UC from many of the industry leading manufacturers.